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   Envicoat is a blend of synthetic polymers that is designed to alter the properties of glass and similar nonporous surfaces in such a way as to cause water, sleet and snow to be repelled from the surface. The reason why water and such substances adhere to glass surfaces is the molecules that make up these materials have similar polarities. That is, these substances have dipole moments within their molecular structure that causes the molecule to have a positive and negative end. This property will cause the negative end of one molecule to be attracted to a positive end of another molecule. When a surface has such polar properties it is referred to as being "hydrophilic." This refers to the fact that the surface will attract water molecules and other substances that have polarity properties similar to water. Glass surfaces exhibit hydrophilic properties. Therefore, in order to cause a glass surface to repel water, its polar "hydrophilic" characteristics must be changed in such a way that it becomes nonpolar. A nonpolar surface is referred to as exhibiting "hydrophobic" properties; that is, it repels water When Envicoat® is applied to a glass surface it causes the surface to become hydrophobic. The way that this is accomplished is through the use of silicon polymers. Silicones, or more specifically organopolysiloxanes, are polymeric materials that contain silicon, oxygen, and organic groups. The term "polymeric" with respect to these molecules refers to their property of being able to be linked together to form long chain of molecules called polymers. 
   When the silicon polymers are bound to the glass surface, the surface changes from hydrophilic to hydrophobic. Thus, when a water molecule approaches the silicon-treated surface it sees no attractive sites to bond to and thus will seek out other water molecules to bond to instead of bonding to the glass surface. This causes the water molecules to form small droplets (i.e. beads) on the glass surface. Since these beads of water are not attracted to the glass surface they are easily removed via such forces as wind currents or other physical forces. A similar shedding process also occurs for other polar materials such as dust, etc. Thus, Envicoat® functions as a very effective method for minimizing maintenance time and expense in keeping glass surfaces clean.