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    The SRP Glass Restoration System quickly, easily, and neatly, removes scratches from Plate, Tempered, Laminated, Mirrored, or Curved Glass. Unlike other scratch removal products, the SRP Scratch Removal System can remove Damage and Graffiti from glass…even if made by Carbide Scribes or other Glass Cutting Tools!

Examples of Repairable Damage

   Scratchitti- or vandalism caused by scratching the glass with a carbide scribe or some other instrument, is gaining in popularity. Because the damage is so severe, it can only be removed using our fining machine. The damage can be removed, but distortion is possible.

   Stain Removal- On glass is usually easily removed using our polishing machine. Stains can come from sprinklers, acid rain or run-off from a buildings facade.


   Scratch Removal- Which you can feel with your fingernail can usually be removed using our polisher. Most light to moderate scratches are caused by razor blades, towels, or glass rubs during the construction process. Deeper scratches may require fining.                       


                                 Common Questions

   How do the SRP Glass Restoration Systems work?
The patented SRP Glass Restoration Systems are engineered using a vacuum system to hold the Polisher and Finer Units on the glass. The Vacuum also provides a continuous flow of slurry through the system which provides a constant supply of fresh abrasives and cools the glass allowing polishing speeds of 6,000 rpm’s.

   What is a “Slurry” and What is it Made of?
Our slurry is composed of rare earth elements that are mixed with water to from an abrasive polishing solution. The slurry is completely non-hazardous and environmentally friendly for safe, easy disposal. 

    Will It work on Tempered Glass?

The SRP Systems will work on all types of glass – Plate, Tempered, Mirrored, Tinted and Laminated. 

   Can It Remove Mineral Deposits and Stains from Glass?
The Flat or Solid Pad with the Polisher unit will remove most deposits and stains from glass with ease.

   How Close to the Edge Can I Polish?
With the standard shroud, you can typically polish to within 1” – 1 ½” inches of the edge of a piece of glass. 

   Does the Scratch Removal Process Weaken the Glass?
No! A scratch is actually a stress, or weak point, in the glass. By removing the scratch, you relieve this stress which restores the glass strength to nearly new condition. The process creates a structurally sound piece of glass.